Li Keqiang found that the opening of the Brazilian door to the "key"

Cooperation between China and Brazil
Local time on May 20 afternoon, the State Council Premier Li Keqiang at the hotel will meet Brazil Rio de Janeiro City Mayor Paisi. Pais on behalf of the Rio municipal government and people, to Li Keqiang granted Rio de Janeiro city key. Chinese Prime Minister with the "key" to leave Brazil. He is also with the "key" to the. The key to the time, opened the door of Brazil and the door of the Brazilian people's mind. Take the key, a symbol of the door will always open, and the more open the larger. In Brazil's most famous city of Rio de Janeiro, Li Keqiang from the mayor's hands to accept a golden "city key." Previously had this "city key", only Brazilian President Lula, Pope Francis, FIFA President Blatter, IOC President Bach 4 guests. On the Chinese guests of the highest specifications of the courtesy, from the people of Lebanon on the Chinese equipment of praise, trust and thanks. In this year will be held in the Olympic Games city, the Chinese equipment everywhere, favored by the public. They are convinced that at the Rio Olympic Games, almost every audience who wants to reach the Olympic venues needs to take Chinese equipment - either China's subway, or China's light rail, or a Chinese ferry. As the Chinese equipment "best image spokesperson", Li Keqiang found that the opening of the Brazilian door to the "key" is the two sides of production capacity and equipment cooperation. He comes with a "key". In his speech in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, he first proposed a new "3 × 3" model of Sino-Latin American production capacity. By more and more countries in the world to accept the international production capacity cooperation "Lee plan", this in Brazil, with a more clear exposition and more generous connotation. This is the "key" is the logistics, electricity, information three channels, is the business, society, government interaction between the three, is the fund, credit, insurance three financing channels. Li Keqiang found the key to open the door to Brazil. This is the "key" is the concept of international production cooperation and practice. This cooperation has brought opportunities for both sides to transition, because - Brazil and Latin America can not stop at the "global supplier" of primary products, and China can not always act as a "world factory" for cheap products. The two sides have great interests in common, is a solid foundation for cooperation. This is the "key" is a win-win and mutually beneficial, both righteousness and interests, focus on long-term principles and commitments. CMB, China and Latin America production capacity cooperation is not heavy and light short-term behavior, the fundamental purpose is to allow people to share the fruits of development. This means that Chinese enterprises investing in the other countries should respect local laws and regulations and cultural practices, fully absorb local employment, focus on protecting the ecological environment and actively fulfill their social responsibilities. Li Keqiang solemnly promised: China's investment and financing cooperation for production cooperation, without any political conditions. This is the "key" is the Latin American proverb "all arm together, unmatched" and the ancient Chinese "people Qi, Taishan shift" contains the simple truth and historical experience. As Li Keqiang pointed out: China and Brazil, the two Pacific and Atlantic coast of the giant, as long as the concerted efforts, hand in hand, there is no success can not cause. China and Brazil's production capacity, is the advantage of cooperation, environmental protection cooperation, it is "giant cooperation." This is the "key" is the cultural respect for each other. In Brazil, Li Keqiang said with deep feeling, he from the air overlooking this magical land, in the vast forest, wide rivers, fertile fields feel the vitality and vitality. He further elaborated China's "Latin American view": Latin America is an outstanding representative of the coexistence of human civilization, a variety of cultures here harmonious coexistence, the formation of rich and colorful, unique charm of Latin American civilization. So, Li Keqiang found this "key", not only open the door to Brazil, but also open the door to Latin America; not only open the door to the market, but also open the door of the people's mind. It is because of this "key" he found, Brazilian President Roosevelt will make such a positive and understanding of the response: the common meeting with reporters, she introduced the Brazilian cooperation with China to carry out specific projects, And accurately list the names of Chinese companies involved in these projects. In Brasilia, because of the intense heat of cooperation and activities, the original presidential welcome luncheon has been postponed again and again. After this luncheon, President Roosevelt accompanied Li Keqiang all the way from the banquet hall out of the building, has been sent to the door. This move was attended by a senior diplomat called "completely beyond the specifications of diplomatic ceremonies." This is the charm of this "key", because it represents wisdom, full of sincerity. Beijing News reporter Lin Zhixu special correspondent

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