Zhang Xianzhong Shen silver water objects more than 10,000 pieces of experts: only the tip of the iceberg

The case also from one side to promote the cultural relics protection department on the Jiangkou Shen silver site rescue archaeological excavation
Grand Marshal India has been stolen part of the silver ingot with lettering just the gold and gold book and silver book Sichuan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology on the 20th announced that in January this year began Pengshan Jiangkou Shen Yin underwater archeology in more than two months Made significant progress: more than 10,000 cultural relics, empirical confirmation of the "Zhang Xianzhong Jiangkou Shen silver" legend. Legend of 1646, the Ming Dynasty last year, the famous peasant uprising leader Zhang Xianzhong Shun Minjiang south transfer of property, in the Minjiang River and the main river interchange, was out of Yang ambush, defeated ship Shen. The local hundreds of years of legend, said a full 1000 boat gold and silver treasures Shen at the end of the river, there is a song that: "Who can see through, buy Chengdu House." Archaeological In recent years, in the Minjiang River Pengshan Jiangkou section of the river construction process has been found in some of the cultural relics related to Zhang Xianzhong, to solve the mystery of the history of the clues. Excavation project started on January 5, 2017, as of March 15 has been excavated area of ​​10,000 square meters. Experts believe that the current findings may only be the tip of the iceberg of the estuary of Shenjiang. The scene directly to the cultural relics accumulation layer of about 2 meters thick reporter 20 at the scene to see, cultural relics archaeological units in the Minjiang River cofferdam pumping, will explore the environment from underwater into a land. Archaeologists from the "land" down to explore about 5 meters, exposing up to several hundred meters of hard river bed, undulating brown river like a quirling "Nu Tao", cultural relics spread in the "angry" groove pebbles and Between the river sand, cultural relics stacked layer of about 2 meters thick. According to the Sichuan Provincial Museum of Cultural Relics and Archeology Gao Dalun introduction, the cultural relics, including the Ming Dynasty dynasty sub-feudal lords and Zhang Xianzhong sub-concubines gold book, silver book, and the West King reward gold coins, silver coins, Dashun Tong Tong copper, silver ingots, rings , Earrings, hairpin and other types of gold and silver jewelry and iron knife, iron sword, iron spear, iron arrowheads and other weapons. According to reports, only with inscriptions on the name of the silver ingot on the Ming Dynasty more than 20 government, state, county. Reporters on the scene witnessed a number of silver loaded with a few pieces of silver, a lot of ingot-like silver ingots still reflect the precious metal light; in the archaeological excavation site near the workstation, the reporter saw some of the water objects, all kinds of gold and silver artifacts, coins Most of the text clearly visible, all kinds of gold and silver jewelry pattern is still fine. Experts point of view is currently found only for the tip of the iceberg Peking University professor Li Boqian and so on more than 30 archaeologists on-site study that this is the legend of the Chinese, the only record of several royal treasure was found, and by the archaeological institutions to explore science The history of the Ming Dynasty, the history of the political history, economic history, military history and life history is of great significance to the study of the history of the Ming Dynasty, Can be described as a Chinese late Ming Dynasty social and historical picture. This archaeological excavation is not only the first time in Sichuan underwater archaeological excavation project, but also for the first time in the Chinese archaeological area to carry out cofferdam archaeological area. The use of a large number of new technologies and the latest technology. In addition to the country for the public recruitment of volunteers, for the public to provide a platform for archaeological participation. It is understood that, because the excavation can only choose to carry out in the dry season, from the end of this year's excavation work is about a month. Despite the huge amount of water exports, but experts believe that the current discovery may only be the tip of the iceberg of the mouth of the mouth. Police disclosure of thieves diving treasure 300 million Sichuan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology in Sichuan Province, the Government Information Office held a press conference on the 20th, Jiangkou Town, Meishan City, an ancient town of Pengshan, Minjiang from the side of the torrent. Pengshan District Cultural Relics Protection and Management Director Wu Tianwen said that as early as 2005, the local construction of urban water supply project in the Minjiang River dug seven silver ingots, identified as the Ming Dynasty silver ingot, is a national precious cultural relics. 2010 was established here as the municipal cultural relics protection units "Jiangkou Shen silver site." Over the past few years, Shen silver site was once dug up. In the second half of 2013, the inspectors found that there were signs of digging in individual areas. In early 2014, the police obtained clues. Some people used professional diving equipment to sneak into the ruins area at night. They dumped artifacts at high prices. The case was established by the Ministry of Public Security to supervise the case. Early detection is conducted in a confidential situation. Task group police Yuhai said that after a year of secret investigation, the police sorted out the site of Shen Yi ruins as the goal of six dug gangs, three reselling gangs, involving more than 40 people involved in more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide. April 2015 net acquisition time is ripe, April 25, Meishan City, composed of 212 police action team, divided into eight groups, in Yunnan, Sichuan and other places on the six dug digging gang backbone to start synchronization arrest. The action within 12 hours to 31 people, seized "West King reward" coins 27, silver ingot 39, more than 1,000 kinds of coins, the rest of the gold and silver miscellaneous pieces of more than 100, also seized a large number of cars involved, diving suits , Oxygen cylinders, metal detectors and so on. According to the suspects account, Jiangkou found silver ingots, initially driven by curiosity, they and other villagers like the use of shovels, hoe and other farm tools, digging in the Minjiang River tread, pick up some small value of small coins, small wine Wait. 2013, driven by the interests of them or their kinship, or hobbies, or resource channels as a link together, learn from all kinds of channels to master underwater archaeological knowledge, the purchase of diving suits, oxygen bottles, Lead block, "Excalibur II" metal detector and component analyzer and other professional tools, to Chengdu, Suining and other diving base to learn diving technology. In order to increase the diving time and depth, in order to steal more and better cultural relics, individual dug digging gangs have also been engaged in the diving profession has been involved in the dug digging. Local police disclosure, dug between groups according to the time or the size of forces and other factors, the area has a clear boundary. In order to prevent the inspectors found by the authorities, each time they commit the crime in the dead of night. Shallow water area with a metal detector for "beach", found after the metal objects, direct mining. Deepwater area through the sneak into the river bottom by one "fight around", first silt, river sand and other debris removed, and then use metal detectors to detect and theft of cultural relics. After the police closed the net, the resurgence of cultural relics has become an important task. The police station was removed more than 10 provinces and cities, after more than a year of efforts, more than a thousand pieces of cultural relics all recovered, including 100 national cultural relics, including 8 national cultural relics, two cultural relics, three Artifacts 54, involving the amount of cultural relics transactions more than 300 million yuan. One of the most interesting is the national treasures of cultural relics "Tiger button Yongchang big marshal gold seal". In July 2016, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage sent a letter to the Sichuan provincial government to thank all the warfare personnel for their efforts in combating and preventing cultural relics. In the same month, the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau also said that "the case captured more suspects, seized the large number of cultural relics involved, high grade, precious historical value, in recent years, rare for the protection of ancient cultural sites play a key role. Local planning site near the proposed museum experts said, Jiangkou Shen silver site is located a few kilometers long, open Minjiang River, the distribution area of ​​more than 1 million square meters, if only to guard against clinging to achieve full protection is very difficult. The case also from a side to promote the cultural relics protection department of Jiangkou Shen silver site for rescue archaeological excavations. It is understood that the next step, the local will be in the intensive conservation, sharing the principle of resources, in Zhang Xianzhong Shen silver site near the high standards and high starting point planning and construction of the museum. This edition is based on Xinhua News Agency

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